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Nokia X2-02 Not Charging Problem Solution Jumper Ways

If we plug in charger into charging pin of Nokia X2-02 and show no notification on its screen. It will be cause of missing components or damages of charging pin, parts.
Nokia X2-02 Not Charging Problem Solution Jumper Ways
If notification on the screen of Nokia X2-02 will be about charger not supported it can be problem of charger not supported. And if notification displays about not charging. It can be the problem of water damages of may be due to in proper values of parts that are used in charging function of Nokia X2-02.

After disassemble of Nokia X2-02 look at the motherboard for rust carbon or burned parts. If you found some rust or carbon apply electronics cleaner on the mother board and apply hot air to make it dry proper.

Applying too much heat can damage the mother board and parts.It also can be harm for your skin.So keep in mind about normal heat flow when making it dry.

In above diagram a red line bar is used to identify parts and ways that are used in solution of not charging in Nokia X2-02. Once you track these parts with meter apply jumpers if any of them is missing, damage or giving improper values. While the blue line is used for negative point of the charging base. 

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